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 Christmas and New Year Holiday Closure.

Workshop closes Friday 21st December and opens on Monday 7th January 2019


Saturday opening has now ended for the winter and will start again some time in the spring.


Please note.

We are not accepting any exterior or interior brassware door fittings or general hardware  for polishing at present due to  having a considerable quantity of lamps and chandeliers in hand for restoration,

For lamps and chandelier restoration we strongly advise that you bring them in as soon as possible to be better placed in the queue.


Lamp and Chandelier Repairs.

Berland’s is a lamps and chandeliers, repairs and restoration service. Originally established in 1987 by the owner, Robert, to buy restore and sell antique lighting, mainly late Victorian and Edwardian with a particular interest in Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau. Many customers, trade and private from those early days regularly use our service to this day.

This website provides a few examples of the restoration work we undertake and is not an online store. If there are lighting items you are specifically interested in then contact us as we may have or can source what you are looking for.

Our restoration works

Most of our restoration works, over 80%, is lamp and chandelier repairs, cleaning, polishing, lacquering, rewiring, of vintage chandeliers, church brass and gold works. Very little door or window hardware or general metal polishing work comes in for restoration these days and so we have decided that “lamp  and chandelier restoration works take priority over general hardware.



Lamp work.

shop Replace  bulb holders, rewire and  fit new plugs, rewire a set of wall lights, chandelier or standard lamp, turn a vase, jar bottle, urn or just about anything else into a lamp then Berland’s can do it, where it is possible and  safe to do so and within reason.

Chandelier Repairs and Dressings.

Click the Chandelier picture for larger version.

Cleaning and re-dressing crystal chandeliers. Full strip down, rewire, new candle  lamp holders, patinating, gilding, silvering or bronzing. Crystal re pinning.

Restoration of church brass ware.

Repairs, cleaning, polishing of all Candle Sticks, Candelabra,  Alter Crosses, Alter sets,  Processional Crosses. Ciborium, brass copper or gold plate. Sanctuary lamps and more. Examples on the “Restoration” page.

Gilmore Place Shop.

Berland’s shop no longer operates in Gilmore Place, it closed at end of February 2014.  Click the “Visit”button  for our lamp and chandelier restoration workshop where we have operated from since 1988.


 Open Mon to Fri. 8.30am to

Free easy parking and no traffic wardens, bliss!


Please Note.

We regularly handle delicate  and high value  crystal, glass, ceramics, wood and metal items and take every care possible when handling them. However, due to the unknown history, or handling by others, of any particular piece it is a requirement that any item left with us for cleaning, repair, rewiring is covered by the customers own insurance and left with us entirely at the customers own risk.  There are notices on display at the reception area of the workshop which advise same.

Whilst most lamps can be refurbished, provided they are in a reasonable and safe condition to do so, all lamps and chandeliers are subject to viewing in the workshop to assess their condition and suitability for restoration. If not suitable or differences are found from descriptions or photographs we will advise as soon as possible. Should we determine a lamp or chandelier is  suitable we will offer our quote for works.

No contract for lamp or chandelier works can exist until  the piece is determined suitable and a quote issued and accepted. Emails, texts, photographs, or general discussion regarding a lamp or chandelier for restoration prior to being viewed at workshop as to suitability for restoration do not form nor imply any part of  any contract at any time. Workshop decision to reject any lamp or chandelier for restoration is final.


We no longer offer a silver plating service for tableware,trays, cutlery teapots etc as not enough comes in nowadays to justify offering the service.


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